Bipolar Symptoms In Children

Bipolar symptoms in children are not uncommon, although it has been studied that this disorder is more common among young adults. The reason might be that adults are more keen to get their sickness diagnosed wherein children rarely get diagnosed for this disorder. This makes the charts and studies biased. Never take bipolar disorder lightly; the earlier it gets diagnosed the better. So if you notice that something is not right about your child and he/she is constantly having his mood shift from happy to very unhappy, this might not be his temper and childish behavior, it might be real bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Symptoms In Children Causes

Bipolar Symptoms In ChildrenHere we have listed some bipolar symptoms in children that could hint of bipolar disorder. If your child checks some of these symptoms we suggest you get a proper diagnosis from a licensed doctor.

Depressed or anxious mood, trouble sleeping or focusing, acute change in school grades, getting into trouble at school, refusing to go to school, problem with eating habits, feeling angry or irritable often, daily mood swings, feeling restless, frequent sadness and crying, isolation from friends and hobbies, low energy and laziness, low self-esteem.

There are of course other symptoms but these have been reported to be the most common signs of the bipolar symptoms in children.

Bipolar Symptoms In Children – Early Diagnosis

The rates of how often bipolar symptoms in children manifests are not just escalating but are additionally affecting even more younger children today. Depressive disorders in children as young as 3 is genuine and not simply a passing agenda. The specialists point out that right up until relatively recently, people truly have not given a lot of interest to depressive disorders in children below the age of 6 simply because children below 6 had been too psychologically immature to encounter the disorder. New scientific studies today countertop that perspective. One particular factor the majority of child improvement experts concur is that whenever bipolar symptoms in children are clinically diagnosed early on and effectively addressed, children practically always can easily be assisted as well as they will feel much better. And also the earlier a parent searches therapy for the child the better.

Bipolar Symptoms In Children

Keep your eyes open

The issue is the fact that symptoms of depression in young children do not often appear the exact same as it really does in more mature kids as well as adults and that is one cause why scientists sense depressive disorder has already been frequently disregarded in children as young as kindergarden age. It is also the reason why moms and dads and childcare companies/facilities must learn the bipolar symptoms in children by divided periods and age groups. Keep your eyes open, statistic numbers are on the rise for bipolar symptoms in children.